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Back to the cocktail I go

Hey guys

So this is a mixed post. Time to just let go of my brain and type from the heart…

For the first time today I let go of a time in my life and shared it with my other half. I have been carrying this around with me for a very long time and I have wanted to share this with her for as long as I can remember. I just never had the guts to do it. Don’t ask why but I guess I felt like she might look at me differently. Last night I realised that it was time she knew about it, just had to find the right time to tell her… Don’t know why I was scared to tell her but I am very glad I did.

Today a family member told me something that made my heart sink and made my anger towards her rise to a point where instead of saying something, I just shut my mouth and have yet to say a word… I am the type of person who shows my love for people and if I love you, I don’t want people to think like I don’t. So all my close girl friends, I hug them or kiss them on the cheek. My one friend and I dance together in a club like a couple of weird people. That is just how I am and most of my friends are like that too. Just because we hug or whatever does not mean I have feelings for them! Just means that I am not afraid to show people how much they mean to me.

On Thursday a so-called friend spoke badly about me behind my back. She was not very clever because she did it over BBM and I saw what she had said. Girls here is some advice: Don’t say things over BBM, Facebook, Twitter or any Social site that you would not want the other person or people to see. Truth is that other person is most likely going to show someone else what you said and it is going to come back and bite you in the ass. So just think about that the next time you lie about someone.

The guy in my life is very sweet. He makes me blush more than anyone has ever made me blush before. He is kind and caring and yes he has a bad side and yes I have seen it but the good cancels out the bad in this situation… Is that a good or bad thing? I am not sure but all I know is; we are taking it slow and I am happy with the direction we are going in.

That’s my thoughts for the past hour…

Have a good one


Hello butterflies

I feel like I am a lil school girl talking to her high school crush. This is not cool at all!

It has been awhile since a guy has made me feel this way… the butterflies, the stupid grin. Ya I got it bad all of a sudden BUT I am not diving head first into the deep end with this one. I want someone lasting and not someone who will cheat on me or date a friend of mine. I want someone who I am not used to. Someone who is not afraid to hold my hand in front of his family or kiss me on the cheek when he gets up to go somewhere. Am I wrong for wanting this?

I think I have found my something or better yet someone who is different. I just hope my family will like this one… Well here we go, time to jump


Together forever

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A million stars up in the sky.
One shines brighter, I can’t deny.
A love so precious, a love so true.
A love that comes from me to you.
The angels sing when you are near.
Within you arms, you have nothing to fear.
You always know just what to say.
Just talking to you, makes my day.
I love you honey with all my heart.
Together forever and never part.

Change and relationships

Hygiene and proper food storage goes hand in hand when it comes to food. Think about it: if you store meat in the cupboard but wash your knives in antiseptic every day, what is the point of washing those knives in the first place? Your meat now has germs on it that can ultimately kill you…not true? Life is the exact same as food storage and hygiene. Change and relationships go together. If you don’t have the one, well the other one is pointless. Check it

Within life you go through changes. Some changes you are not going to like or accept but those changes are ‘the rules’ it is what is meant to happen. The rule with meat is: IT GOES IN A FRIDGE OR FREEZER! A rule with change is: without certain changes you won’t grow. A mental change; such as going from a mind of a 3 year old to one of a teenager. That will happen no matter what just like the germs exist whether you like it or not BUT not all germs are bad…just like change.

Because of change, you get relationships. With every personality change you make, you will be involved with me and different people and start new relationships. If it wasn’t for that one change you made 5 years ago, would you have met that special person? If you didn’t lose those friends, you would not have grown up and become friends with that other group who are in your life now. A change comes from within and some we can’t control but the ones we can, are your hearts way of telling you it is time to find new relationships and that in the end it will all work out.  Cleaning your knife and storing your meat in the freezer is your way to prevent unnecessary germs and micro-organisms from growing. In the end you as the consumer benefit from it…

By you growing up and changing, you will benefit from it as well. Sure a change is hard and can be painful at times, but in the end, you will meet people who are more like you and appreciate you for who you are. A change will result in relationships for life just like hygiene and proper food storage result in life.

My question to you all

Good morning everyone:)

I have a question for you all and I would love to hear your answers for it, so here is the question: How can people be so stupid when it comes to relationships?

I mean if you think about there is always a time in a relationship where by one person makes a total mess and refuses to say sorry. They then land up losing something that was good for them. I am not only talking about romantic relationships, I am talking about friendships as well. There is always that one person who you need the most and when you need them, they are never there but when they need you, you will run to them.

Just something to think about. I will always be there for people who are not there for me. That is who I am and I am not going to change it but I land up getting hurt.

Moral of this question and post: don’t expect things from people because then you will not get hurt in the long run. People go in and out of your life but the ones who matter will stay forever. Don’t let it get you down because that person is not worth it.

Have a great day



True Boo

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

A few days ago, I was single and sad

The only guys in my life was my bro and dad

Who would have thought today I would be late,

For you, and our little supper date.

When I think of you, I can’t help but smile

I haven’t felt like this in a long while.

You treat me so well, it is true.

I cant believe there is a me and you.

You give me hope

I don’t sit around and mope

You give me someone to think of at night

Am I falling for you, I might

When I am in your arms

I feel as if I’m on a farm.

So much peace and fun

I love it when you call me hun

So I am not single anymore

And I don’t mind my flaw.

I am so glad to be with you,

You are my one true boo!