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The beginning of the end

To all my gorgeous viewers… I want to say thank you

Thank you for listening to all my sob stories and for allowing me this opportunity to voice my opinion.

I am standing at the door waiting to open it up to my new life. No more school or college or teachers. No more studying or headaches before results come out. I now stand before the door waiting to join the big leagues and guess what….

I am beyond scared! But at the same time I am very excited. So here is to my last set of exams, more time to post all my new stuff. Just by the way, I have been working on a lot of new material so I will post and share with you all very soon!

Have an explosive night…


Close call

Hey guys

Ok so yesterday an incident happened to me that has made me open my eyes and realise what really is important and how short life is.
I was driving and the robot turned red. As I was waiting there for it to turn green a man ran into my side mirror and took it off my car door… Long and scary story short, the guy tried to get money out of me and tried to pull a ‘fast one’

Now I love people. All types of people but yesterday for the first time in my life I told my mom that I really don’t like people. There are people out there who can harm other people and or kill them. That is beyond scary! I sat in my car with a Taser in my hand waiting for the cops to come and sort everything out. Now I panic after not during something so I grew a set of balls and stood up for myself. Back of my mind I kept on saying that I cannot go down without a fight and I just need to suck it up because I have promises to keep and people to love. The cops came and sorted everything out and I was told to just leave and go home because I was not in the wrong. So I got into my car and drove home as if nothing happened. As I turned off my car, my body began to shake and turn into jelly and I had a full on melt down! It only really hit me then what had happened to me and what could have happened if I had done something differently.

Some of you may be thinking that I should be traumatised and scared to drive again and go down that road… you are wrong. Bad things happen, nothing we can do about them and we cannot change what is meant to happen to us. I was meant to go through yesterday in order to get stronger and be more aware of my surroundings and take people for who they really are. I always see the good before the bad and sometimes I even forget about the bad and only see the good but unfortunately there are people out there who make bad decisions and innocent people have to suffer because of it.

So I had a close call yesterday and I was scared but I had to calm down and think logically and listen to my inner voice telling me what to do and how to react. Thank G-D I am ok and not hurt. My car is fixed and it is as if nothing had happened and this morning I drove down that road and I took a deep breath in and got through it.

Best part of it all was that I realised what an amazing support system I have. My love for my family grew yesterday and it is amazing what one tight hug can do for a person.

So moral of my bad experience: shit happens and there is nothing we can do about it except for taking the good out of it and realising how lucky we are to be alive and have the support system we have. Br grateful for the people you know and the people you knew because each and every one of them were meant to be there, even the ones that made the wrong decisions.


Keep believing in yourself


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

There are times in life
where you not perfect.
There are times when you don’t succeed.
There are times when you want to give in.
Feels like right now you can’t deal.

A rainbow can only come after rain.
The day comes after night.
Spring comes after winter.
Growth comes after a storm
and healing comes after a broken heart.

You need to stay true to yourself.
Believe that you’ll get through.
Trust that I’ll carry you
BUT most of all: keep believing in yourself.

Here we go

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

Here I stand,
all grown up.
The view is scary
from all the way up top.

No more school for me.
Only college and hard work.
This will define my future
and mold me into who I am meant to be professionally.

As excited as I am,
I’m very scared too.
What if questions fill my head.
What if my heart doesn’t agree?

But then I put my theory to practise
and fall in-love with what I am doing.
So this is truly my passion.
Right deep breath in… Here we go

I grab your hand

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I grab your hand
as he begins to speak.
Your hand shivers
your body so weak.
I feel your fear
as I hold you tight.
Your true emotions
you trying so hard to fight.
In your eyes
I see right through
your smile and laugh.
Truth is you not sure what to do.
How can I begin to help?
Your body has gone completely numb.
In one sentence
I cannot sum
how sorry I am
and it kills me that I can’t help.
I feel like a helpless lamb.
So I will just grab your hand
and be there on your journey
before…safely we land.

A Scary Day


By: Ashlee Zlotnick

I saw the pain in your eyes.

I was scared, I won’t lie.

I had to pull myself together.

You were fragile, Like a feather.

We got to the hospital with no time to spear.

The doctors there just didn’t care.

With their long ,white coat and stethoscope,

I didn’t know if you would cope.

But you strong, you pulled through.

You always know what to do,

in terms of getting better and well.

You have such great pals.

That day I was scared as hell.

I prayed that you would get well.

I love you so much, you are my life.

You the best mom, daughter and wife.