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We are like Mirrors

Good morning all my gorgeous viewers

So I have a thought and theory for you guys I want you all to think about…

I was told a story the other day that sent shivers down my spine. It went as follows: One day a doctor was traveling and he saw the local Rabbi walking so he stopped and offered the Rabbi a lift. So they started to travel together. The doctor thought he would tut his own horn and started to brag to the Rabbi about his achievements.’You know, I get patients in that cannot afford to pay but I never turn them away. I treat them the same as my paying patients. The rabbi replied,’I also do that.’ The doctor figured that the Rabbi was talking about the Spiritual counseling he gave his spiritual ‘patients’ So the doctor continued, ‘also, a lot of them need expensive drugs and they cannot afford them so I give it to them for free.’ The Rabbi replied the same way, ‘I also do that.’ Ok so now the doctor was beyond confused. He did not understand that every statement that he says, the Rabbi would say that he does that as well. The doctor asked, ‘Rabbi, I don’t understand. You are not a doctor so how can you do all those things?’ ‘No, all I meanty was I also do that. I also only talk about my own good qualities!’

We have been taught by the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement, that if we find ourselves noticing faults in others, it is because they exist within us. The whole world is like a mirror. It is deigned to show us what our faults are and how they make other people feel. Understanding this story helps us become more understanding of others and helps us realise our faults. So look in the mirror and think to yourself, ‘what do you see?’


Time to deal with my problem

Hey guys

This post includes a short story as well as an explanation… At the moment, I am dealing with someone in my life who is making my life hard and at time, I just cannot deal with it. I feel as if she is trying to run my life and be someone who she is not but having said that, I still love her with all of my heart and soul. I honestly just need to find the balance between all of this and learn to deal with it. I have always been told that you are not given anything you cannot handle,therefore, it is time for me to learn to handle this.

You are taught things in life like how to walk and talk, how to ride your bike and then the fairy wheels get taken off and you learn to ride a two wheeler, you then learn how to drive a car and run a home. Anything that is attached to something materialistic, you can be taught how to use it or taught the skill. All you need is the instruction manual and you are good to go. The issues begin when emotions come into play and your feelings and other human beings. You see, no-one can teach you how to deal with every single person because everyone is different and we all come with our own sets of rules and goals and life lessons. We learn from each other (the good and bad about a person can help you learn about the way in which a certain type of person functions) and by learning about other people, we begin to learn more about ourselves and the type of people we can and cannot handle. New problem… what if you are related to someone you cannot handle all the time? A person who you cannot connect with or understand on a certain level… I was told a story tonight that I would like to share with you

A few years ago a man became very rich and his father lived with him. They were not short of anything and whatever the father needed, he got and the son was very happy to give it to him. As the years went by, the father got older and more and more demanding and slowly but surely, the son could not take it anymore and he kicked the father out the house and onto the streets. The more the son thought about all the mess the father would make and all the stuff he broke, the better he felt about his decision. A few weeks past and the grandson was walking home and saw a bunch of beggars on the side of the road. The one stopped him and asked for some money or food or something. The grandson turned around and said, “I am sorry but I don’t have anything with me at the moment.” The grandfather grabbed his hand and said, “Do you not recognise me? I am you grandfather.” The boy was in shock and told his grandfather to wait one minute as he ran home to get help. When he got home he started to cry and said to his father that you have to help him! He has become a beggar and has nothing. “My son, I am not interested in your sob stories but go into the attic and get a coat and you can give it to him.” The grandson wiped his tears and went to go get the coat. A few minutes later the father went to the attic and asked what is taking him so long. Eventually the son came down with half of a coat. “My son! What have you done? Now there is no coat and your grandfather is going to freeze!” The son looked at his father and said,” I am saving the other half of the coat for when I kick you out the house just like you did to your father.” It was at that moment that the son realised what he had done and he brought his father back into his home…

We are all faced with challenges and people we do not always want to deal with but at the end of the day, we have to be grateful that they are there and that we have to do what we have to do sometimes. We cannot live life with regrets and no matter how much something or someone might get on your nerves, we have to remember that one day we will all be there and we will all get old and need some help and someone to be there.

Don’t give half a coat. Give the full coat and learn to balance everything.

Have a great weekend guys

A Step Forward

‘Sir I don’t understand. You tell me that you love my writing but you are not willing to publish it, why?’

‘Ashlee, you are an amazing writer and you have a lot of potential but your writing is not what I usually support and publish. I am so sorry but not this time.’ Mr. Kruger is the editor and chief of this huge publishing agency in my area and I was hoping he would give me my big break but I guess not. That is the seventh person this week alone that has turned me down. I am beginning to think that either I can’t write or my breath stinks but either way I am getting nowhere fast and I am going to give up soon.

Hi Ashlee, I got your number from your gran. She said you were interested in trying to write a song for us? So if you could try to write a song about friends going out and having fun/like a girl’s night out…if we can use it we will buy the song from you. Thanks, Tammy’ My gran did mention something to me the other day but I never thought she was being serious.

‘Gran, I just got a sms from a girl by the name if Tammy, she asked me to write a song. Know anything about this?’ I could hear her smile on the phone. My gran is very proud of me and I know she would do anything to try and get my writing out there in any form possible.

‘Hello my doll. Yes I told Tammy that you are an amazing writer and that you can write anything. Her twin sister, Stacey, and herself are a duet and are looking for original songs to write. The second I heard this I knew I had to tell her about your writing and give her your details. I hope you don’t mind my doll but you are an astonishing writer and you deserve to get recognized for your talent.’ How can I be upset with her? All she is trying to do is help me. I owe it to her to try don’t I?

I would love to write a song for you guys. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Ashlee’ I felt no pressure at all. Everything in life happens for a reason and there has to be a reason why this is happening to me now. I don’t know Tammy from a bar of soap but my gran has told me she is a lovely girl.  I sat down, in front of my computer and wrote. The words just flowed as I thought about a typical night out with my friends. I captured the fun we have together and how when I am with my friends I only smile and have the time of my life.

Hi. It sounds cool. I will pass it on to my producer and let you know. I would love to read your other stuff. Mwa.’ I read her email about five times just to see if what I read was true. She asked to read my other stuff and she told me she liked my song. She is the first person who has not turned me down in a long time. Could this be my big break I was been looking for? There is only one way to find out… I would have to write her more songs and try get to know her so that I could write things that appealed to her. My life was finally going in a direction I liked and it was as if I got high on confidence. I loved this feeling and I had to get more. The more I wrote and the more she began to like my writing, the more I wrote. My blog was finally getting viewers and my writing was getting somewhere. I took a step back and realised that even if she doesn’t use my songs, I would be ok because I made a new friend.

Hello Ashlee. My name is Belinda and I heard that you write beautifully. I was wondering if you could help me write something to place on my cousin’s tomb stone. He died in the line of duty and I want you to capture that aspect. Thanks so much.’ This was beginning to get a bit weird. First I was asked to write a song and now a saying to place on a tomb stone. I felt honored that I was asked to honor a man that took a bullet for our country.

‘ you were the sunshine in our lives

You were the hero in our eyes

Andrie was a man who lived for his family

Andrie was a man who died for his country’

She read what I wrote and began to cry.  I thought it was bad but Tammy told that it was beautiful and it is very difficult to make Berlinda cry, so I did a good job. At this point Tammy and I have yet to meet but I was getting to enjoy this girl more and more. It is very hard to find someone who has the same morals as you do. She understands me. Stacey and I soon started to talk and get to know each other as well. Talking to them both at different times is like talking to the same person. They are so similar it is astonishing. This just shows how close they really are.

This story just shows people that in order for you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, you have to move on from all the negative comments and learn from them. After taking so many bad reviews I was willing to give up but I didn’t and now not only am I writing, which I love to do, I have also made the most amazing friends and confidants. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to want to move on and reach your dreams no matter who gets in the way, you can always find a detour route to get there.

Moving On In Life

Four years ago I stood before you as a stranger. A few months later I stood before you as a best friend and towards the end, I stood before you as a soul mate. Today I stand before your coffin and your family as a griever.

‘Ash, I am not sure how to tell you this but Ryan died this morning…’ my heart stopped, hands shook and my eyes started to cry. I went into shock straight away and my body turned into jelly. It felt like I went from a lovely dream at Monti Casino to my worst nightmare. ‘Camilla; that cannot be right. I was with him four days ago and he was fine. You are lying!’ my voice was shaking and I could not get all my words out. I put the phone down and called his family hoping to hear Ryan pick up the phone, ‘Please tell me what I have just heard is not true. Tell me he is not gone. TELL ME!’ there was a pause on the phone and I knew it was true. ‘Ash, Ryan was run over this morning. He was crossing the road and got knocked over. Rachel called the ambulance and by the time they got there he was in a critical condition. He had broken every bone in his body on impact but he was still alive. They rushed him to the hospital but had to resuscitate him a couple of times in the ambulance. When they got to the hospital, it was too late, he was gone. I am so sorry but I have to go. I will keep you updated about the funeral plans as soon as I know anything.’ My world came to an end. What was I going to do without my best friend? He had a very hard life. He survived seven open heart surgeries, a back problem and he was taken away from us in such a brutal, inhumane way, culpable homicide. Rage took over my body and emotions thus causing me to exploded like a volcano. I could not feel anything but anger and I thought this is how the rest of my life was going to be like.

 ‘Dear friends and relatives. It saddens me to say that my dearest brother, Ryan, was killed this morning in a car accident. His funeral will be on Friday at 11 am. I hope to see you all there.  Regards: Rachel and family.’  To go or not to go, this was the question that was stuck in my head for two days solid.

‘I have never gone to a funeral before. My first one I go to should not be an eighteen year old friend of mine. I understand that life is unpredictable but this goes beyond that. This is the type of story you hear in the news papers and never think that it will happen to you let alone your best friend. This is just damn wrong.’

‘I understand where you are coming from my angel. Funerals are not easy but this one for your first funeral is going to be unbearable. You must do what makes you feel comfortable and what you want to do. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to. Ryan would understand that where you are coming from and he knows that you are there for him whether you go or not. To watch an older person gets buried is hard but watching a young boy, a son of a living mother, it is indescribable.’ My Oumie always knows what to say to me. She carried on telling me how the funeral works and the sequence it goes in but I zoned out. I thought about Ryan and all the times we spent together. He was always a positive person and looked on the brighter side of life.

‘Oumie, Ryan would want me to go to his funeral. I know that he knew I was always there for him and always will be but he would want me to see that he is at peace and that he is fine. As scared as I am, I need to go to get a sense of closure.’ And that is exactly what I did. I called a friend of mine and we decided to go together. Every night before the funeral I had nightmares. I saw Ryan and his sister walking across the road. He had one of his permanent smiles on his face, one of the things I loved the most about him. They started to walk and I heard the cars starting to rev their engines. One, two, three and the drivers took their foot off the break and went forward without looking in front of them. I heard Ryan screaming Rachel’s name and as she turned around she heard a thump and saw her baby brother flying through the air. He landed like an egg cracking into the pan and just like the yoke breaks sometimes, his body breaks open and his blood was everywhere and then I wake up. I had this dream for three days in a row and before I knew it Friday arrived.

Driving in the car I tried to calm myself down and kept telling myself to breath. I pictured Ryan holding my hand and telling me that everything is going to be ok and flash me one of his big smiles. I was hoping that we would get there and this would all be one big joke and he would pop up from behind a tree and say, ‘got yah,’ but he didn’t. Instead we drove into the cemetery and saw the family and friends with a loved one in one hand for support and tissues for their tears in another. I took one breath ad opened the car door.

‘Ash give me your hand and I promise I will not let go until we get back into this car.’  Kayla is more than a friend to me, she is like my sister. I would not have been able to go without her.

‘Kay, what would I do without you?’ I took her hand and held it tight. We walked up the stair into a hall. On the walls was names of people that had died and their loved ones contributed money to the cemetery in their name. As I looked to my right I saw the room where they kept the coffin before the ceremony. I tried not to freak out; Kayla held my hand even tighter and mentioned that I have to breathe.

‘Ladies and Gentleman, may I please have your attention.  Will you all be so kind as to make a path way between yourselves so that we can bring the coffin in.’ they opened the wooden doors and I heard the sound of the wheels rolling on the floor. I tried but I couldn’t look at the coffin. The thought of him being in a small wooden box freaked me out a lot. I felt the first tear fall from me eye, roll down my cheek and I knew it would not be the last. We walked with the coffin to the grave site and I watched them place him into the ground and cover him up with sand. That noise I will never forget.

So I am standing here today in front of a tree we planted for Ryan. It has been a month since he has been gone and I never thought I would move on however standing here I feel a warm breeze over my shoulder and I know I will be ok.  He is looking out for me from above and he is always with me in my heart. Life does go on, and we all move on from events in our lives. We understand that it is ok for us to laugh again and it is ok to cry as well. A loss in one’s life is something that one will never forget but we learn to live with the pain and move on in life.

Not Waving but Drowning

By Ashlee Zlotnick

Being a life guard isn’t easy. I mean not only are you are responsible for a lot of lives but you also have to be alert all the time. Hi my name is Jess and I am a life guard at one of the busiest beaches is Durban. I have been working here for about 6 months now and I love every moment of it.

Being a life guard has its pro’s and con’s but the best thing is that every girl wants to date me. Hey it’s a rough job but someone has to do it. Everywhere I go I hear, “Hey Jess, here is my number call me.” Or, “Oh my Gosh, it’s Jess, he is so attractive!” Yup the girls love me and I thought it was amazing until that awful day…

I got up one morning the same as I do every day.” Good morning Jess. How did you sleep?” says my mom, “Hey mom, I slept like an angel.” I got dressed and went to work. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach as if something was wrong.” Jess! You late as usual.” My boss Molly doesn’t like me that much. I ran to the life guard station, put my shades on and sat down. A lot of people wave at me, so I waved back. The day went by slowly and it was now lunch time. More people come to the beach about now so we are more alert at this time of the day. The sun was reflecting on the choppy sea, it was difficult to see the people in the crystal blue sea when the sun is in your eyes. I saw a glimpse of a hand in the air. I thought she was waving at me so I waved back. For some obscure reason she was still waving. “ Jess, she is not waving, she is drowning! Go save her.” When Molly said that I froze. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Molly hit me and ran to save the girl. I jumped into the water. It was so cold and she seemed so far away from me. I kept on thinking about how much time I have wasted all because I thought she was waving at me. The team go to her and brought her back ashore. I looked at her face and body. She was blue and hypothermic. She looked so innocent and helpless. We did everything we could but we could not save her.

She was only 14 years old and because of me she is now dead. I gave Molly my badge without saying a word. I walked away and never looked back. Ever since that awful day I have never been anywhere near a beach. I keep playing that day over and over in my head and then I remember why I have not been in water for 3 years.