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At a loss for words

Hey guys

You know that feeling you get when you just have an urge to write but have no idea what to write on? Well, lucky me, I have that right now…

So there is a time in everyone’s life whereby they have to sit back and watch people. I am going through that stage. All my younger siblings are growing up rather quickly and I cannot stop that. I have to just sit back and watch them grow up and hope that I have shown them enough to be able to stand on their own. I am not very good at this as I don’t like the idea of my siblings being somewhere or in a situation whereby I cannot help them or be there. It is like you having a really annoying itch and not being able to scratch it. Same thing.

Having said that, this past weekend I did exactly that. I just left my itch and I came to realise how grow up and amazing they really are. Shira has grown up into a girl who is strong willed and doesn’t give into peer pressure. Sam has grown into a very fine young man who treats girls with respect and he has become very protective over my little sis… Where to start with her. She has just grown up into a woman that is proud yet conservative, and she has a mind of her own. They all do. They all know what they want and they won’t stop until they get there. Sure there are a few bumps in the road but that will make them stronger.

I am very proud to call them my siblings and I am very proud of who they have become. Sometimes taking a step back isn’t such a bad thing. Allows you to see the whole picture a lot clearer



R.I.P Cow Star Lisa




This is not the type of post I enjoy writing at all but this special lady deserves her story to be shared…

I met Lisa Mulley a few years ago. Wow what a presence this woman had. She walked into the room and it automatically got filled with a positive energy. She and her sister Delene became part of the CHOC Cows. Now in order for you to join, you had to be a mad person who is not scared to do anything. At the same time, you raised money for children with cancer either by riding a bike, running or anything else you can do in a cow suit. Yes you heard me, the CHOC Cows do everything in a cow suit and Lisa wore her suit proudly.

I would like to share the first encounter I had with her: The Cows had a Halloween party and my family and I went to help set up. Lisa was sitting on the steps at this country club and was carving pumpkins. She got up, gave us one of her smiles and very welcoming hugs and just started to talk to us. We hit it off instantly and we laughed and decorated all night long. Of course we had a few issues like where to sit the lights and what names to give the pumpkins but we worked it out like all Cows do. The main memory of that night: Lisa looked at my sister Shira and told her that she was like a hula girl. Ever since then, she would call Shira Hula girl.

I watched Lisa and Delene ride off in Cow suits often and I was always happy to see them cross the finish line at the end. They both astonishing people and true inspirations to people that know them.

I am not going to write about the hard times that Lisa faced at the end because I do not believe that is the main object of her life. Lisa was an inspiration to me in more ways than one. She helped me with what dress to wear to my prom, how to do my hair and what lip gloss to use. She also made me realise how important it was to smile at life and be grateful for what and who we have in our lives. Lisa taught me that a little good can go a long way.

I lost touch with the Cows for awhile but my last encounter with Lisa was a few weeks ago. Right before the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. I walked into that room and I could notice her a mile a way. Not only could you hear Lisa, but you could just see her amazing aura shine through the crowd like a golden star surrounded by silver stars.

Lisa will not be forgotten and her lessons in life will live on through the people that love her. My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family.
We may have lost a Cow Star but we have gained a Cow Angel

Lots of Love
Ashlee Zlotnick

I know I have done something right

Good evening all my gorgeous viewers

My post tonight is very light hearted but has a lot of meaning and deep thoughts in it…

My whole life my parents have brought me up to do the right thing. Be a big sister that my siblings can idol and look up to. I do admit that at the back of my mind, I have always tried to be the perfect older sister but I went through a stage in my life that stopped me from being the best sister I could be. I went down a dark road and I was not happy with the look of the end of the road so I changed paths and here I am today being the best sister I can be once again.

Having said that, I have not always done the right thing. I make mistakes and do things I shouldn’t and then proceed to tell my siblings about it or I do it in front of them like drink alcohol and get tipsy or once I have gotten totally drunk and they were there. I cannot be perfect all the time and I am nowhere close to being the “perfect” role model but it is the bad that I have gone through that allows me to notice the wrong path and allows me to guide my siblings in the right direction.

I have not been in the best head space at the moment. I am going through a lot and that takes a toll on my siblings as well… When I got cheated on, Shmoobear (youngest sister) made me green juice to cheer me up. When I have period pains, my brother would put lip gloss on me and make me laugh. Today, my lil sis came to me to cheer me up and we just sat and watched a movie and played with ice and spoke… Every one of these moments and others have made me realise that I have done something right in my life.

You see, for some people being a sister comes after friends and social things whereas for me, being a sister is my pride and joy. I must have done something right in my relationships with them that they go to the ends of the earth to make me smile when I am down. Every relationship is hard and takes time but spending those endless hours building up relationships with my siblings has allowed me to grow a support group that I can rely on to make me happy and make me smile again.

Time costs you nothing but can make you earn so much! I always say that family is everything and it is them that is always there so you might as well make it worth your while because they not going anywhere and they are half of you so you might as well spend your time with them wisely and build up your relationship with them because when something goes wrong, they are going to be the first ones there…

Have a great week guys and I really hope you take what I say into consideration


Been hit by a ton of bricks

Hey guys

So I have just come home from an exam and the last time I wrote a post with the same topic, I was in school and now I am in college. Lets have a flashback shall we…

Last year I was in matric. One of the most intense years of my life and the hardest year or high school(sorry lil sis) but it is true. Matric was hard not because of work but because I had to be ok with leaving people behind. I am still not ok with that but nothing I can do about that. I used to walk around in circles, have lunch in the same spot everyday unless I was in my room which I miss like you have no idea! and of course I used to have moments with people. I left behind memories and land marks that will be there for the rest of my life. Exams were pretty chilled. I never stressed for them. Half way through the exam I would watch the children playing on the field and remember when I was that small. We used to play tag and Gaga Ball. Fun times. And as I was writing I would begin to smile because I was now watching children go through the amazing times I went through. Where I wrote finals, there was an area on top of the hall where my lil sis and I met and begin to talk. That thought got me through finals because I knew I was in the land mark that made my life amazing and that is where I found my torch, soul sister, other half and my muse. But I am no longer writing finals and I am no longer in that hall where I feel safe and I feel love.

Lucky for me, I am now writing in a room where I freeze my fingers off, get shouted at for having my lip ice on the table and a room where I have no memories or life changing moments in it… YET! I still sit at the back and have a window by my desk except now I am looking at a dying tree and the roof of the teacher’s office. Nice view right. Wait it gets better. I have a woman who watches my every move. When she walked in and started to scream I felt better for some weird reason. You see, during matric exams, there was a chic who stood on the stage and shouted and dictated. College exams started to feel like matric finals and I felt better. We got answer booklets and the nerves filled the room and I smiled. And then a change happened… I finished the exam before I looked out the window or even the watch. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually care about the exam bit now! Since when do I care about marks??? ME! The one who studys the night before or the morning of( I still do that) but today I finished before I stopped to think about anything. Then my one finger began to itch and I realised who and why I care now. I don’t want to let people down. This career of mine is my passion and I want to do this for the rest of my life and my muse believes in me so I can’t let her down. I will try my best not to anyway.

Without even realising it I began to write a poem at the end of my exam question paper. I am still me:D I just care about marks a bit more now. In stead of seeing my lil sis after my exam, I bbmed her( Thank G-D for technology that is all I am saying) No it is not the same but she is still there. After school they all say that you learn who will be there for life and who was there just because you were in the same area or class as them. Turns out they right! As sad and scary as it is, people show their true colours after school. Now is the time where you have to make the effort to see each other because you are no longer in the same room.

The room is different, my mind set is different and the subjects are different but the one thing that is the same is the one person who has always been there. Today during my exam I realised how much my little sister means to me and how lucky I am to have her in my life. I may not see her as often as I did but she is the most important person in my life. She is my other half and that will never change!!!

So that is my teary story for the day. Have a good day guys


Our Bridge

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

When you try your best
but you don’t succeed,
to avoid a bridge
with a deadly weed.

When you start to shake
and your eyes cry,
your heart screams out
how the hell and why???

Some things you cannot detour
so you have to face your fear.
Don’t you dare look down!
Concentrate on the end which is near.

Some things you need to believe
and listen to your heart and inner band.
Whether you like it or not
I will always be there to hold your hand.

So here we go
it’s time to crawl.
One step at a time
and the journey will be a ball.

You know you got it right when…

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

You know you got it right when
your mentor trusts you with his prize possession.
It’s like he hands you his secretes.
You know you have made a good impression.

You know you got it right when
your family trusts you with their kids.
Makes you feel good inside.
No more evil looks or bids.

You know you got it right when
your parents say they proud.
It’s like a smile is imprinted inside.
I will never lose this feeling I vowed.

You know you got it right when
your best friend becomes your sister.
She makes everything ok.
When it comes to being happy, she is my transistor.

You know you got it right when
you go to bed with a smile.
Makes being a good person

Cannot go through life without these people

Good evening guys:)

They say you do not choose your family… Well I have chosen some of mine.

Let’s start with the lil sibling. My lil sis. Life without her would suck! She is my half a shekel. Her and I are connected in such a way I cannot explain. She knows what I am going to say before I say it. She makes me day better when I see her in the morning. It is hard to be sad or mad around her because she will just make you laugh and forget about the bad. I know when she needs me before she tells me, I know when something is wrong and she knows the same about me. She is the last person I speak to before I go to bed and I love her more and more every day!

My older twin sisters. I love then to the moon and back! Not talking to them for a day is horrible. I feel like something is missing. It is like my day is wrong when I don’t get a good morning message from them. They make me laugh and I know when I need someone to talk to, they will be there for me any time of day and they would come to me if I needed them. They were my rocks when life was hard and I would have never gotten through last year without them!

My new addition to my family is my other older sister. What can I say about her. She is crazy, fun, gorgeous, loveable and a great person to have in your life. She is there when I need her and she gives me great advice. I can turn to her for anything and everything. It is hard to tell you how amazing she is because no words can describe how much she means to me. All I can say is I am very blessed she is in my life and I thank G-D for her everyday.

In fact I thank G-D for all my adopted siblings everyday. Each and every one of my sisters are different and they bring out a side of me that I love. They are my inspiration to write, my determination to do what is right, my torch when I cannot see the light and my drive when I need to get up and fight. I love them all round and round the world and never stops and I hope that our relationship will grow stronger and stronger because it can only go up hill from here…

I hope everyone out there has sisters like me because I know without them I would not be where I am today.

Love you all



Worst year ever…maybe not

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

This year has been the worst year ever!!!
My best friend died, a lost 2 birds, my best friend and I are
driftingAnd on top of it all, I am in grade 11.
Oh ya and I forgot about my personal family problems.

That’s a lot of negative in one year.
I don’t know about you, but I think my year was bad.
Its hard to see the good amongst all this bad
and the year is not over yet!

I look at my phone, and laptop
and I see very special people as my wallpapers.
This year hasn’t been that bad now that I think about it.
In fact just because of this one fact, it has been the best year ever.

I have gained 2 older sisters this year.
Isn’t that enough positive in a year to eliminate the bad?
I think it is and because of that I have a huge grin on my
There is always light at the end of the tunnel and if not,
there is a torch somewhere.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel
because I am not concentrating on the bad but the solution.
In life it is much easier to let the bad run your world
BUT you need to concentrate on the good so that
you live a happy life.

Same Boat

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

You and I are in the same boat.
We are our family’s scapegoat.
Sis you will always have me.
Together we will just let things be.

They lean on you because they know you are strong.
All you can do is sing a happy song.
It will be over before you know it
and the situation will disappear like a disgusting zit.

You my dear are smart, funny and a great friend.
You my sis and I will always help you mend.
If you need me, I will aways be there.
I’m like your shrink you can always wear.

No matter how often I see you
or whatever  you decide to do,
I’m your lil sis and will keep you company on this boat.
We will have such fun rowing down this moat 😀


By:Ashlee Zlotnick

I stood by the door.
My heart was racing.
2 minutes till I was on.
Time to rock the dance floor.

I took a deep breath in and out.
I thought of you and smiled.
I know you would be proud,
so I got rid of my doubt.

I saw my big sisters in the crowd,
my friends and family too.
Having everyone there meant a lot.
They all cheered for me so loud.

The music started to play.
My partner and I took hold.
That night we shone like champions.
Everything is starting to go my way 😀

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