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Jealousy or does it go deeper than that?

Dear fellow viewers…

Life is hard and frankly it sucks! So many negative people and negative feelings and events, that it’s starting to make the world look grey and colourless.

I have always been the type of person to find the good. Try find the colour in every storm but lately it seems to get a lot harder every event. People seem to be losing their inner sunshine and that has become a real downer on the people like myself who try hard to be positive. Eventually it starts to drain you to the point whereby you stop seeing the colour and all you see is the grey and that is very scary for me.

See events happen and that can make you feel jealous. Like you don’t get the same attention or don’t get to see that person as often anymore. You have to sit and listen to everything they have to say even if it hurts you deep down inside but here is the trick… is it just jealousy or does it go deeper than that?

I have a constant need to feel loved. My down fall I guess. A lot has happened in my life and I need constant reminders that I am loved and that people need me and care for me. If people don’t need me, I can’t help and then a bit part of my soul and who I am does not get fed… Kind of like a plant that needs water to grow and survive… Because of this, I tend to feel threatened by people who seem to think they can take my place. People who think they deserve the same attention and affection that I worked years to get. That bugs me. That makes me see the grey and not the colour because I get discouraged.

Moral of my story: People have their own flaws. We have issues that run deeper than most people think and know and because of this, people might feel like its one emotion when it is actually deeper and more intense than that… Always remember that people feel the way they do for a reason. How we act and what we say affects people. So just be careful and maybe once in awhile, listen and take in what people say cause you never know what colour you could be taking away from them…



My Tarzan moment

Hey guys

So my story for you today is something for you guys to think about. We always seem to put a mask on our face and for some reason, we think it is better than the real us…

For those off you who have seen Tarzan the movie you will remember the scene whereby Tarzan is looking at his reflection in the water and starts to through a tantrum. He hits the water and then mud goes on his face. He then proceeds to take mud and cover himself with it because he thinks that it will make him look more like a gorilla because it is the same colour however his mother Kala takes it off him and says that they are the same. They both have two hands, a nose and a heart… Tarzan then realises that he needs to be the best him that he can be and that is when he succeeds in his life.

Back to reality… we often have these moments when we want to cover something up and act like we are someone else or look like someone else. We place a mask on our face and fake it until we make it. Now even though faking it does sometimes work, we will need to stay true to who we are because G-D made us who we are for a reason. If he wanted us to be like the person with a mask, we would have be born like that and we would not need the mask. We all have moments when we place a mask on our face and pretend that it is all ok or that we like that person just to keep things civil.

There is a famous story about the late and great artist Picasso. It goes like so: His once had this man working for him. Now this man cherished every thought and piece of artwork Picasso ever made. One day, this man went up to Picasso and told him that he needed to certify his one art work. Picasso looked at him and told him that he will not do that because he did not paint it. The man looked at him as if he was mad. “What do you mean you did not paint it? I watched you paint it with my own eyes. I know you did it!” Picasso laughed and told him, ” My young man, we all fake it sometimes.”

Isn’t that just such a great story? We al fake it… This is so true! We all fake things every now and again but the fact of the matter is, sometimes we get so used to faking it that we do not seem to remember what is true anymore. We are so caught up in living a lie that we forget who and what is true in our lives.

Sometimes we need to wipe off the mud and take the mask off and be true to who we are and be the best that we can be… At the end of the day, it is us that needs to be happy with ourselves. We have to wake up every morning in our skin and be proud of who we are. My late grandfather always used to tell me, “At the end of the day, all we have is our name.” So be proud of who you are and be proud to just be you! There is nothing wrong with a fake smile here and there to make someone happy or to keep the peace but do not lose site of who you are!

Have a great weekend


Happy Easter and Chag Sameach

Happy Easter weekend everyone:* I hope you are all having family time and time with friends and loved one. Easter is one of the best holidays I believe. It is so colourful and fun. I also have a Jewish holiday for the next week. It is Passover and it is also family time. It is a time where we pass down traditions and teach the young ones about how we were freed from slavery in Egypt.

We get to eat cardboard(Matzah) and you guys get easter eggs and marshmallows which we cannot eat so not fair on you guys for getting the good stuff. Our food tastes the same as the packaging. LOLZ. I am just joking. I like Matzah for some weird reason just don’t like it when I am forced to eat it. Aren’t we just weird creatures? When we are forced to do something or told to do it, we do not want to do it and when we do it, we do it with a negative attitude…However when we decide to do something, we do it with a smile on our face… Never satisfied are we???

Something to think about the next time we do something we like but do it with a frown because we forced to. It is going to be a lot easier for you if you do things with a smile. A smile goes a long way.

Have a great weekend everyone and be careful on the roads please. Party hard





What motivates each and every one of you? What does motivation mean to you?

To be honest, I am asking myself these questions and I am finding it really hard to find a good, solid answer. Motivation is a sense of living I believe. It is an inner force that causes us to do things in life due to actions or words of someone else. That is what I believe motivation is. I have more than one motivation. You see I am very close to my family and friends but I am only motivated by a few of them. As a poet and a teenager trying to figure out what I am meant to do I life, I look up to people in my life. These people are my motivation and inspiration.

They inspire me to write and to be a better person. This then causes me to be motivated by them as I want to make them proud of what I know I am able to do. They say what I do makes them proud of me and because of that I am motivated to do my best in maintaining their pride in me.

Everything we do in life has some form of motivation behind it. If it didn’t, would we have taken that first step?

Just something to think about. So let me know what motivates you to be better