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It’s my birthday!

Good evening guys!

Poetsandall turns 5 today! How amazing is that! I have had this blog for 5 years now and I hope to have it for another 50 or more.

I would just like to thank my amazing viewers for sticking by me for all these years. I could not have done this without you guys and all your comments.

My writing Mentor saw a light inside me and he lit it. It is an eternal flame that will be burning forever and as long as I have my inspirations, muse, and you guys, I will continue to write till my heart’s content!

Thank you all once again!




Time to thank you guys

Hey guys

In the past few weeks I have been getting the most amazing comments from you guys and I would just like to thank each and every one of you!
I hope you all know that you are the reasons I keep on writing and posting. You are all my inspirations and because of you I keep on bettering my work and my points of views. For you see, I have only been writing for about 3 years and within those 3 years, you guys have stuck with me and helped me grow and as I grew, so did some of you.

I am a normal teenage girl who is going through life and documenting my feelings and how I dealt with things. Some of you have told me that I have helped you through a rough time and to me that means the world because it means that my writing means something to people other than me and that is truly astonishing.

So thank you all once again!


Response to Adam Lambert’s review

Hey guys

I am really shocked by all the comments and views my post about Adam got. So I would just like to thank you all! Your comments were amazing and I am glad I got to share my experience with you guys.

Keep reading as I am going to review a lot of movies, albums and concerts as well.



Explanation about my poem: Because of you

Hey guys:) I am warning you now this is a sad post…

My last poem is about my friend Ryan Lang who passed away just over a year ago. Last night I was reminded about him and as my tears were falling down my face, I wrote the poem Because of you. The poem is about the things he used to make me do when he was here and the things I do now that he is gone. It is a very sad poem yet I put a picture that says thank you. Let me explain.

I still do the things he used to make me do except he is not making me do it anymore. I am doing it because I want to such as: the not hating people and I am still learning about relationships and how to deal with things. Normally he would be the one person who would make me see the good. He would come up behind me and scare me so that I would smile and forget about the thing that is making me feel down and upset. He is no longer here to do that but because he did it when he was here, I learnt what it is I need to do to see the good. I now understand what I have to do to be the best person I can be.

I am not sad every second of everyday, I live my life and I am very grateful to him for being in my life. I have to say thank you which is why I put that picture of thank you.

Life is short and I have just been told an old man in my community died today and he had no-one in his life. We are all alive,well, have family… Don’t treat people badly and turn your backs when they need you because one day when you need them, there is no guarantee they will be there for you.



Life right now is confusing

Good afternoon all my amazing viewers. I got to say that I love posting to you guys. It is probably because you always encourage me and help me better my writing and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your comments really do mean the world to me and I hope that they never stop.

People have been asking me where I am at in life at the moment. To be honest, I am somewhere that is very confusing. Writing right now is the one thing that it helping me come to terms with my feelings and what is going on. Friendship is something that I value a lot. It is something that means everything to me. The thought of not having anyone there to share the joys of life with or the bad stuff, life would just not be the same. In plain English, it would suck. I love my friends with all my heart and all my soul and I would do anything for them but at the moment I feel as if I am drifting from the one (if you know who I am talking about please keep her name to yourself) You see, she used to tell me everything and we always made plans together. Now days, I don’t see her on weekends(granted exams have just been) but that is not an excuse to not talk or even send a simple sms or bbm. I am hurting right now as I am sure it shows but I just don’t know what to do anymore or how to solve it. No matter what the time is or WHO I AM WITH, I will always pick up the phone if she called me or if she needed me I would be there. Guess not everyone does that and it is time I accepted that.

My sister is growing up and it is her Bati soon. That is when a Jewish girl turns 12. She is turning into a woman and it is hard to watch her grow up knowing there is nothing I can do to stop it or keep her little for ever. Guess she will always be my little sis but her does need to grow up at some stage.

So there we go. That is my life at the moment or at least the things that are bothering me. Thanks for listening to me vent and if you have any advice for me, please feel free to comment and give me your advice.

Thanks again and have a rocking weekend



Thank you

Good morning everyone 🙂

I would just like to thank each and every one of you for viewing my blog and a special thank you to those of you who comment.

Reading some of your comments bring tears to my eyes because I am so proud and honoured that you enjoy my poetry as much as I enjoy writing them.

All my viewers mean a lot to me and each and every one of you help me better my writing and you give me a boost of confidence and make me want to write more and more.

So all I have to say to you all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything and keep reading because as long as you read, I promise to deliver new poetry and thoughts

Have a fabulous day