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Breathe, Just breathe

Hello all my gorgeous viewers.

For my first ever post in my new meditation corner, I would like to teach you all the importance of breathing and giving yourself time out.

We all know that a deep breath in of Oxygen keeps us all alive. The oxygen circulates throughout our body helping our muscles, organs and so on stay healthy and alive. But how can breathing properly help us on a deeper level? A level of calmness and tranquility?

Firstly, you need to find yourself a spot. A spot that will become your safe zone and a place that you go to ground yourself and give yourself time out. My spot is a little area at the back of my house. It is quiet, peaceful and a place that is just mine.

For 10 minutes a day, I go to my spot, sit down on the ground and just breathe. The trick is, the deeper the breath, the deeper the relaxation. Before you start breathing, you need to clear your mind. No negativity allowed in this spot, no work or school drama. Just you and your positivity bubble. Now we are ready to breathe…

Sit in a comfortable position. You can play some meditation music if you would like or just listen to the sounds of nature. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly taking deeper and deeper breaths. You need to focus on your breathing.

After 10 minutes, get up slowly and you are ready to face the day in a calmer and more tranquil mood. Remember, that you can do this as often as you need to. You can also have more than one spot. Can have one at home, one at work and find one when you even on holiday.

I like to start and end my day off with this simple but effective breathing technique.



I am back

I am back, relaxed and ready to take over the world now. HAHAHAHAHA just kidding guys by on a serious note; I have not been this relaxed the whole year and it feels great I tell you.

All I have done for the best 5 days is: fish, tan, fish some
more, eat what I caught and slept. This is something that I have needed to do in a long time. This year has been rough and I am not one who encourages running away from ones problems but let me tell you running away this time is what was needed. I had no way to contact the world which meant there was no way
they could contact me! Life without a phone, internet and well any way to socialise with people other than the people I was with was fantastic. There is nothing better than becoming one with nature. Out on the water with s fishing rod in my hand, great company and fishes that were not very willing to meet me
gave me a chance to clear my head and think about everything that is happening in my life. I came to the realisation that today’s generation is way too dependent on technology. The first day here I thought I was going to die because I could not receive BBMS or send them and as it was I had to live without them for 3 days. Not being able to connect to the internet was ok. I could write down my poems on a piece of paper and blog about them when I got home( which I will post soon I promise) Look at me though, I am still alive and I didn’t use my phone for 5 days.

This week away has taught me that I don’t need to use my phone the whole time and that I can survive without it. So I am going
to start a new thing in my life and I think you all should try do the same: for an hour a day I am going to not answer my phone, not use the TV and just have time for myself to recover from everything that has happened that day and have time for me. I won’t worry about anyone for that hour and after it I will go
back to my life. This will be my way to escape from life for an hour and recover. You can help that person after but you can’t help them if you can’t help yourself.