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Falling wall

By: Ashlee Zlotnick

As your word slowly pierce my chest
I try my best to breathe.
Take me over, be my guest.
I dare you to try but don’t grieve.

You don’t understand the strength needed
to please someone who can’t be pleased.
To feel your mission’s not completed
To feel like you not better than a disease.

I guess even the strongest wall
will eventually give in.
Everything will surely fall
and the best wall standing will win

Safe to say my wall has collapsed.
I’m taking in all the dust.
I’m so tired of all your attacks
but that’s what happens when you lose all trust.


So unprofessional

Hey guys

Been awhile. I know. I am so sorry. Truth is I have no time at the moment to do anything except dancing and College related things. I was told at the beginning of the year that I will begin to think of the Bathroom as my time out zone… They were so right! Only time I am alone and have time to think is when I am in the bathroom taking a 5 minute breather. Now days, us therapists use the bathroom as a yoga room. Gives us time to think and get our heads straightened out before our next client.

I have been part of the beauty industry for five months now and today was the first time I had to act quickly and deal with the consequences after. Today my one client was running late so I had an extra half an hour before she arrived. My lecturer came to me and told me that there is a client who is sitting in the hall way waiting for the therapist who has not arrived. She asked me to go and speak to this client and see how I can help. So I went to the client and she told me that her appointment was meant to start over fifteen minutes ago. This lady traveled very far for this massage and she was not very impressed. It was at that moment I knew that it was time for me to shine as a fixer in the industry. I apologised on behalf of my classmate and offered the client a back massage while she waits because I felt very bad for what had happened to her. I spoke to my lecturer and she said that what I was doing is the right thing to do and that when my classmate comes, I must hand the client over and let her finish up… Ya that did not happen.

I was nearly done with the massage and the therapist who is now an hour late comes into my massage room and asks for her client. I explained to her that the client is on my bed. I was just finishing up and in the meant time, she can go and set up her room so that the client will not have to wait anymore. Well this chic let rip and ate me alive in front of the client. ‘Ashlee, how dare you take my client. She was wrong! Her appointment was 15 minutes after she said it was and you just cannot take my client. She is mine and not yours.’ I was beyond shocked! Not only was her client on my bed but there were two more people in the room as well. I had to stay professional and not lose my cool with this chic. ‘Lower your voice D. Firstly you are an hour late for your treatment and your client was very upset and annoyed. I am just doing what I was told. I am not stealing your client. She is very tense and instead of her sitting and trying to get hold of you, I took the initiative to give her a massage while she waited. Now please let me finish up and I will send her to you in a moment.’ D slammed the door and everyone was silent. I said sorry to the client on my bed. I finished up and whilst she was waiting for D to set up, I went to explain what happened to my lecturer.

She was shocked and could not believe how unprofessional D had been. My lecturer went to speak to D and a screaming match then proceeded… At the end of it, the client does not want to book any more treatments with D because of today. I have now been exposed to what not to do in a salon environment. Not only was I embarrassed for what happened; the client was as well. Clients come first and the way she acted shocked me. Just shows you that we can be taught the same way but can act differently.

I went to the bathroom, breathed and welcomed my next client.

In with the positive and out with the bad.