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Life’s a milkshake

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By: Ashlee Zlotnick

So bad yet so good.
Can always switch up your mood.
Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or lime…
Life can be boring or full of slime.

Lumps and bumps or smooth sailing.
The sky can be blue then suddenly hailing.
Can be full of love and make you cry
or doubt your decisions and wonder why.

Full of taste, yum, colour and divine.
You will smile when you see the sign.
Low fat, full cream or double thick,
life is full of choices, experiment, take a lick.

This is a weird metaphor you may say
but lets be honest, it made your day.
Go on, enjoy your full cream milkshake…
Soon it will be finished…another? you can’t make.


Time to think like a child

Hey guys

So I am not going to keep saying sorry for not writing as much. I promise you that I am writing when I have the time to write but at the moment, I just don’t have the time to be one with my thoughts and feelings…

Anyway, time for a catch up session and some words of wisdom or clarity. I have started a new job and it is fun but its stressful at times. I am basically the person who fills in for anyone who cannot do their job or is not there. Sounds weird but working with children is lots of fun and is rewarding because when that child gets toys with his tickets or knocks down 2 pins, they get so excited and it got me thinking. I work 9 hour shifts and I get to watch children have fun in what they believe is heaven. Mommy or daddy gives someone money, they can then go play games and at the end of it, they get toys. How awesome is that! You get rewarded for playing games. Now when we grow up, we forget about that feeling. Same as children in a candy store, its heaven and the best place on earth. As we grow up, we don’t lose the idea of how awesome it is to play with games and that feeling in a candy store but we do forget that we still children and parts of us always will be.

I am a college student now and I sometimes feel like I have been given too much to deal with. I am not an adult yet! I am still a teenager and I want to stay a teenager. I am not ready to be an adult and start thinking about how my marks now reflect on my future and my actions will either make me earn more or less money. I want to be that child on the bumper cars having fun and driving into people and then laughing about it. Or swashing the spiders and getting rewarding for it… I was then told to go onto the floor and help the kids out and explain how the games work and then I was placed in the bar area to check on the people playing pool and table tennis and then it hit me… I am still the kid in the games room. It is just a different room and different games with different prizes.

At first, the prizes was silly string and dolls. Then it changed to mind puzzles and model cars and now the prizes are apartments and a job that makes me and other people happy. I will always be a child at heart because at the end of the day when I lie in my daddy’s arms, I am his little girl and he will always be there to protect me and explain to me how the game works and help me get the best prizes that I can get.

I am still the same little girl who drew on the walls and cried in my mommy’s arms but I am just crying and drawing on different things and I am gaining new things and my idea of heaven is still the same but different people are there and my mind is set on new prizes and just like before, I did not stop until I got the prize I wanted, I will not stop now until I get the apartment I want with the person I want to get it with and I won’t stop until I am the best at my nw game because my new game is going to make people smile when I am done and in my eyes, there is nothing better than going to bed knowing that I have placed a smile on someone’s face and made them feel better about themselves.

So keep being that child in the arcade room.


Kid in a candy store

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

People are always expecting more.
I’m like a kid in a candy store.
I’m constantly wowed by the universe
just like people get excited when there is money in their purse.

When a kid see’s giant candy,
they think that life is just dandy.
I’m the same when I see green
and smile when nature’s true beauty is seen.

I get the butterfly feeling when I am on stage
just like when kids read Willy Wonka and turn the page.
Their imagination will saw high
and that feeling stays until we say bye.

Moral is: I’m a kid in the candy store.
When it comes to life, I am not a bore.
I love my life and everything in it.
So in my store of life, I’ll just sit

My fishing trip

By:Ashlee Zlotnick

The thought of having to fish
was not something I was looking forward to.
I come from the city and don’t like to get my hands dirty
but this was something I just had to do.

So there I was getting in the boat.
I did not have a life jacket on, I know that was wrong
but soon we started to glide across the water
and nature was singing its amazing song.

I began to become very fond of the idea of fishing
and sitting and tanning on the boat.
We came home with 40 fish
but I wouldn’t want to gloat.

Out on the water taught me a lot.
I had time to reconnect with me.
I learnt what life means to my heart
and how much I truly love my family.